Shane Smith and The Saints at Choctaw Grand Theater

Shane Smith and The Saints Tickets

Choctaw Casino & Resort | Durant, Oklahoma

Shane Smith and The Saints

Buckle up for a Friday night country rockfest on March 8 ‘cause Shane Smith & The Saints’ red dirt roadshow is stopping by the Choctaw Grand Theatre — Oklahoma’s #1 spot for atmospheric entertainment! Following a triumphant year of acclaim and applause, our headlining five-man band aims to crush new milestones with over two dozen dates spread across solo exhibitions and festival gigs in the US. As they’ve done day in and day out, Shane Smith & The Saints will blow you away with their freewheeling fiddles and rock-infused Red Dirt harmonies! The concert will showcase the group’s BIGGEST hits, frequently featuring open-hearted classics “What a Shame,” “Dance the Night Away,” and smash hit “All I See Is You” of “Yellowstone” fame. And as a potential bonus, they might even break out their new album, Norther, which includes eclectic singles “Book of Joe,” “The Greys Between,” and “Fire in the Ocean.” Get your tickets now to see Shane Smith & The Saints LIVE!

After a resoundingly successful year where they played at the inauguration of incumbent Texas governor Greg Abbott and supported the legendary Willie Nelson, Shane Smith & The Saints will top 2024 to the brim with an onslaught of earth-shattering exhibitions. Between festival appearances and solo outings, the rising red dirt band has lined up over two dozen gigs in the United States, which includes a March 8th concert at the Choctaw Grand Theatre.

“In what other concert can you hear five-part harmonies and breakout fiddle solos? Shane Smith & The Saints are unparalleled in live experience.”

With the group’s announcement of their newest music, fans are optimistic that this upcoming show will debut the long-awaited fourth album live. Titled Norther, the record marks Shane Smith & The Saints’ first release since 2019, presenting eclectic blends of American roots, Southern rock, and roadhouse rock & roll — “a sound that’s been shaped by the road.” It offers a fiery opening in “Book of Joe” and a cinematic lead in “The Greys Between,” with a hard-hitting closer in “Fire in the Ocean.”

However, what you CAN expect from the event are energized performances of the quintet’s crowd-rousing classics, often featuring smash-hit “All I See Is You” as heard from the Golden Globe Award-winning neo-Western “Yellowstone.” Helmed by frontman Shane Smith’s powerful voice and Bennett Brown’s freewheeling fiddle, the band has authored three iconic albums, Coast, Geronimo, and Hail Mary, which list open-hearted red dirt country songs such as “Cocaine Habit,” “What a Shame,” and “Dance the Night Away.”

Want to get a feel for how our headlining act jams? See below for one of their recent setlists.
Pancho & Lefty
New Orleans
The Gael
The Mountain
Feather in the Wind
Mountain Girl
Hail Mary
Right Side of the Ground
Quite Like You
Navajo Norther
The Greys Between
Dance the Night Away
Cocaine Habit
Fire in the Ocean
Little Bird
Heaven Knows
O Holy Night
What a Shame
All I See Is You

Oklahoma’s city of Durant will host the upcoming concert at its state-of-the-art Choctaw Grand Theatre. Part of a larger casino and resort complex, this all-purpose venue presents an immersive ambiance for indoor entertainment, boosted by multi-level rows of deluxe seats, stellar sightlines, and acoustically advanced Meyer Sound systems.

Tickets are out - buy yours now to see Shane Smith & The Saints LIVE this Friday, March 8th, at the Choctaw Grand Theatre!

Shane Smith and The Saints at Choctaw Casino & Resort

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