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Choctaw Casino & Resort | Durant, Oklahoma

Rodney Carrington

Country music? Comedy? Don't worry because both will be on the bill as the hysterical singer and comedian Rodney Carrington pops up with the best show combination in Oklahoma with his Let Me In Tour! on Friday, 15th of March, at Choctaw Grand Theater, Durant, Oklahoma. Known for his funny disposition and energetic shows, his talents in music are also not to be left on as his newest album, titled Let Me In, is circling around the streaming platforms. Get ready to be amazed by the tangy vocals and burst into laughter with his funny recitals as his all-around talents give the fans unending feelings. Featuring his best tracks Dancin’ With a Man, Letter to My Penis, and Don’t Look Now, Rodney Carrington is on track for a musical commotion, putting the fans in extra motion with his unorthodox performances. Catch the hippie and funny live-action as Rodney Carrington delivers the country and comedy passion for the fans to mention. Grab your tickets now!

Double the trouble for this night of musical and comical rumbles as the renowned artist Rodney Carrington suits up for a spectacular show, bringing his Let Me In Tour! in the city of Durant on Friday, 15th of March, at Choctaw Grand Theater, Oklahoma. Music and gimmick will be the story of the night as Rodney Carrington unleashes his two persona, combining comedy and country music in one night to make the fans all right.

The hillbilly sounds will be blended by hilarious craps as Rodney Carrington goes live for his tour on the Rise. As known to be one of the most respected and multi-talented artists on the planet, his way of performing is fresh to the fans, making him one of the most famous performers in the scene. Along with his talents in playing guitar and amusing vocals, his stage presence and crowd appeal are also out of reach as his experience in stand-up comedy is put on display, luring the attention of the crowd to the stage.

As a Texas native, Rodney Carrington started his career in Nashville, one of the homes of country music in the country. His album Morning Wood entered the Top 20 album in the US country charts, bagging his first gold-certified recording. Rodney Carrington also ventured into acting with his debut in his self-titled sitcom in 2004. From that, he also entered stand-up comedy without leaving his first love, country music. Featuring his hit songs Dancin’ With a Man, Letter to My Penis, and Don’t Look Now, he is easily on the ranks of the greats with his accomplished recognitions. Now, why leave one when you can do them both? Rodney Carrington juggles two shows in one as his country music prowess empowers his comedic powers to make the fans lose their mind with their emotions.

“I’m just coming to town to do my little song-and-dance routine, and anybody who likes me can come out,” Rodney Carrington said about his tour.

Let Me In Tour! will be happening in Choctaw Grand Theater as Rodney Carrington provides the comedy and country medley for the fans to see. Following the venue’s high-tech stage with multipurpose theater, amazing sound effects, and solid lighting functions, the 3,000 fans present will be treated to an exceptional live experience as Rodney Carrington leads the night with his amazing and hilarious talents. Book your tickets now!

Rodney Carrington at Choctaw Casino & Resort

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