Megan Moroney at Choctaw Grand Theater

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Choctaw Casino & Resort | Durant, Oklahoma

Megan Moroney

One of the rising stars in the country music circuit, Megan Moroney is taking her Lucky 2.0 Tour to the Choctaw Grand Theater in Durant, Oklahoma on Thursday the 10th of October 2024. This promises to be a night in which fans are going to be able to enjoy her new music with a combination of her recent hits. She’s only been part of the “mainstream,” if you will, since 2021. She’s already put up two chart-seeking songs that have allowed her to make a name for herself in country music. That’s certainly no small feat! Her new album, “Am I Okay” is going to be coming out shortly.

By the time that her concert date at the Choctaw Grand Theater rolls around, you’ll have been able to listen to all her new music. If you’ve seen her live already, this is also a brand-new show that she’s putting together. Knowing that, make sure to click the get tickets button to be here in Durant on that October night.

The country emo, as Moroney lovingly describes herself, has been able to mesmerize not only with her looks but also through her lyrics. An interesting crowd comes to these concerts. There are plenty of ladies who feel Tennessee Orange cuts really deep! That’s why you want to go to the country concert, if we’re being honest. If you’re listening, and it’s not getting you emotional or having you ready to go hunttin and fishin, what are you doing? Moroney does speak to the feelings. To be fair, plenty of guys love her looks, so they fit in the crowd just as nicely. Knowing this, the night at the Choctaw Grand Theater in Durant, Oklahoma is a versatile one.

It’s a country music concert at a casino; what is not to love about that? You could get your significant other on board with the idea. In fact, if you’ve got a group of lady friends who are going through some sentimental things, this could be the weekend that you’re looking for to pour your hearts out! You can kick it off with the Megan Moroney concert and then hit the tables for the next few days.

If the weekend is with the guys y’all have that one friend who can relate to “I’m Not Pretty.” His new girlfriend is scrolling through the social media of his BFF, who’s a girl, and he’s always had her on the back burner! It’s a country music night. Does Moroney sing more to the ladies through her songs? Yes, that’s a given, but if you’re out at the casino, why not head to this show? Have a cold beer and stand in the crowd. You’ll certainly enjoy it regardless of the company.

Where’s the best seat in the house at the Choctaw Grand Theater on October 10th? A lot of times, the type of show that you’re going to see dictates where you want to sit. In this case, with the chill country music and sentimental vibes going on, the tables may just be the best spot. You’ll be able to sit comfortably, relax, and have some drinks. That’s what country’s all about. Get your tickets today so that you can get a chance to pick your seat.

Megan Moroney at Choctaw Casino & Resort

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