Kelsea Ballerini at Choctaw Grand Theater

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Choctaw Grand Theater | Durant, Oklahoma

She's taking it on, HEARTFIRST! Country pop star Kelsea Ballerini is set to conquer the stage as she hops on a tour in support of her fourth studio record, "Subject to Change". Dominating global airwaves with new hits and fan favorites, Ballerini is finally hitting the live stage on the HERTFIRST Tour, stopping by Choctaw Grand Theater on Friday, 7th of July 2023. Quickly becoming a global favorite for her catchy hooks matched with honest lyrics, the "Love Me Like You Mean It" singer continues to make rounds with new material with her new EP "Rolling Up the Welcome Mat", featuring her new single "Blindsided". With a track record of hit after hit, as fans can't get enough of her country-pop magic, you can expect a magical night of live music as Kelsea Ballerini takes its 'heart first on tour. Make sure to save your spots at the show by booking your tickets now!

Kelsea Ballerini at Choctaw Grand Theater

Writing her first song at the age of 12, Kelsea Ballerini grew to become one of this generation's most sought-after country-pop artists for her honest lyrics and unique country-pop artistry. Bagging a massive hit debut with her first single "Love Me Like You Mean It", selling over 500,000 copies in the US, Ballerini quickly dominated the industry with a slew of succeeding hit singles "Dibs", "Peter Pan", "Yeah Boy", "Legends", "I Hate Love Songs", "Miss Me More", "Homecoming Queen?", "The Other Girl" feat. Halsey, and "Hole in the Bottle".

In September 2022, the singer dropped her highly-anticipated fourth LP, "Subject to Change". The album features her new singles "Heartfirst" and "If You Go Down (I'm Goin' Down Too)", taking a new direction with her craft. Ballerini credits inspiration with the music she grew up listening to. "Instead of listening to new releases, I listened to the music I grew up on, and that’s the influence for this record," Kelsea Ballerini shared. "Really organic-sounding records."

As the singer concludes the tour's first leg earlier this year, Ballerini took to Instagram to thank all of her fans' support and astounding energy at every show. "…this most recent run of shows has been hands down my favorite i’ve ever played," the singer wrote.

"Thank you for this new little breath of life in these rooms, for letting me be in a silly goofy mood between songs, for appreciating my band and crew, for waiting in line for hours beforehand, for the handmade signs and tshirts, and the progressively more unhinged ‘HYPOTHETICALLY IF YOU EVER KILL YOUR HUSBAND’ moment," Ballerini shared in a touching caption as she expressed gratitude to all of her fans.

As the singer continues taking it on 'heart first, she followed up the momentum with a new EP, "Rolling Up the Welcome Mat", released last February 14th. Though released on Valentine's Day, Ballerini reflects on her recent divorce, sharing that music was her way to get her feelings out straight.

"Rolling Up the Welcome Mat was how I processed everything" she shared in a statement. "It’s the way I got my feelings out of my body and heart and put them to music, which is the purest way I could’ve handled it."

As Kelsea Ballerini takes on a journey of putting her heart first in all of life's rollercoasters, she's definitely at a high point with all of the love and support from her fans at every show. As she takes HEARTFIRST to Choctaw Grand Theater on July 7th, you better book those tickets now!

Kelsea Ballerini at Choctaw Grand Theater

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