Jackson Dean & Ashley Cooke at Choctaw Grand Theater

Jackson Dean & Ashley Cooke Tickets

Choctaw Casino & Resort | Durant, Oklahoma

Jackson Dean & Ashley Cooke

Unleashing a fiery duet with Ashley Cooke, one of the nations hottest country stars - Jackson Dean just announced an exciting concert at Choctaw Grand Theater. Singing "What Are You on Fire About" with its spectacular melodies, Dean and Cooke are hitting the stage on Thursday, March 28 this spring. Kicking off his "Head Full Of Noise" Tour, Jackson Dean is marking milestones in his career. As his debut album, "Greenbroke," continues to soar global airwaves with its hit singles "Don't Come Lookin'" and "Fearless (The Echo)", the up-and-coming artist has a bright future ahead. As more and more people start finding the gem, that is this young lad, we're looking at the next big thing. He is definitely 'fearless, and he's taking his head full of noise, letting it all out on the live stage. Hinting at big surprises leading to the new year's massive trek, we're all tuned in. Book your tickets now!

Unleashing a slew of awesome venues lined up for his first-ever headlining tour, "Head Full Of Noise", Jackson Dean is pumped up for an exciting new year ahead. The "Fearless" singer just announced a concert with Ashley Cooke, happening on March 28th at the Choctaw Grand Theater. Kicking off the tour in full swing, he's taking his poppin' singles and crowd-favorite tracks from his new album to the stage. Singing "Don't Come Lookin'" and "Fearless (The Echo)", the Big Machine Records artist is making it big.

Dropping a fiery new duet with Ashley Cooke, "What Are You on Fire About" takes every flame, with pyrotechnics in its music video beautifully depicting the heat of love. Joining Jackson Dean for a show at Oklahoma, it's bound to be a fiery night of their lush vocals and beautiful lyrical tales.

"I’m really looking forward to this tour," Dean shared. "We’re playing some pretty awesome venues with some killer artists. Me and the boys will give you everything we’ve got—hope to see you there."

In early 2023, Dean released the sophomore single "Fearless (The Echo)" off of his debut LP, "Greenbroke". The sobering track highlights his soaring vocal range, singing with immense emotion matched with an action-packed music video. Set in 1863, the visual feels like a short film, starring his own family members.

"We wanted strong visuals to really draw people in, and I think the action-packed nature of the video, along with the cinematic vibe of it being a period piece, makes it almost feel like a short film," the singer told CMT. Staging an 1800s battle with wolves in search of medicine on the other side of town, "There were some epic moments with my brother that I'll never forget... Across the board, filming this was an incredible experience."

As an up-and-coming artist, the man has generated big waves, a gem in the industry now being discovered by many. Soaring the charts and garnering attention for his hit singles and album that continues to climb the chart at the Top 25, he's the next big thing. Reflecting on "Fearless" success, he shares a special connection with the song, and the audience's energy resounds in every show.

"We played over 100 something shows last year and each night ‘Fearless’ was one of my favorites to perform... I always felt a special connection and energy from the audience with it," he shared, as cited from a press release by Big Machine. "It was really cool to get the opportunity to re-record and hear how I’ve grown vocally over the last few years—I love that the new version sounds a lot more like our live shows."

Beaming with energy, Jackson Dean is surely 'fearless, filled with grit to unleash his music around the world. Sharing the stage with Ashley Cooke, it's an exciting show to watch out for. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Jackson Dean & Ashley Cooke at Choctaw Casino & Resort

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